Little Caesars offers a Veggie pizza option on their menu. This pizza is available in different styles, such as Detroit-Style Deep Dish Veggie, and is part of meal deals like the Veggie Delight Meal Deal.

The calorie content for the Veggie pizza varies depending on the style chosen, with options like 2730 calories for the Detroit-Style Deep Dish Veggie.

Online ordering is available through Little Caesars’ Pizza Portal™ Pickup service.


Veggie IngredientDescription
Green peppersFresh, crisp green peppers add a vibrant flavor and crunch.
OnionsSliced onions provide a savory and slightly sweet taste.
MushroomsSliced mushrooms offer a rich and earthy flavor.
Black olivesSliced black olives contribute a briny and savory element.
TomatoesFresh tomato slices add juiciness and sweetness to the pizza.


Veggie Nutrition Facts
Peas, green, raw
Peas, green, cooked
Broad beans, cooked
Chickpeas, cooked
French beans, cooked
Kidney beans, cooked
Lentils, cooked
Navy beans, cooked

Allergens & Sensitivities

Veggie ToppingAllergensPotential Sensitivities
MushroomsMoldCan cause digestive upset in some individuals
Green PeppersNone commonMay cause heartburn or gas in some
OnionsNone commonCan cause heartburn, gas, or bloating in some
Black OlivesNone commonHigh in sodium, may cause headaches in sensitive individuals
JalapenosNone commonSpice – can cause heartburn, stomach cramps, or sweating

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