Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese

Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese

The Little Caesars Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese is a meal deal that includes four Cheese & Herb Crazy Puffs™ and a large Hot-N-Ready® cheese pizza.

The Cheese & Herb Crazy Puffs™ are made with Little Caesars’ signature dough, which is filled with mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce.

They are then topped with a buttery garlic-flavored drizzle, Italian herb seasoning, and Parmesan cheese. Each order of Crazy Puffs comes with four puffs.


IngredientLikely in Crazy Puffs™Likely in Hot-N-Ready® Cheese Pizza
Mozzarella CheeseYesYes
Pizza SauceYesYes
ButterLikely (for garlic drizzle)No
GarlicLikely (for garlic drizzle)No
Italian Herb SeasoningYesNo
Parmesan CheeseYesNo


Nutrition FactsAmount per Serving
Total Fat144g
Saturated Fat68g
Trans Fat0g
Total Carbohydrate264g
Dietary Fiber8g

Allergens & Sensitivities

MilkPresent in cheese filling, cheese topping, and pastry dough.
WheatFound in pastry dough.
SoyMay be present in some seasonings or optional extras.
EggMay be present in pastry dough or as an optional egg wash.
Tree NutsNot typically included in Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese.
PeanutsNot typically included in Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese.
ShellfishNot typically included in Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese.
FishNot typically included in Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese.
Sesame SeedsNot typically included in Crazy Puffs™ Combo Cheese.
OtherCheck for specific ingredients in optional extras or seasonings.

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