Ultimate Supreme

Ultimate Supreme

The Little Caesars Ultimate Supreme pizza is a large round pizza loaded with toppings like Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Mushrooms, Onions, and Green Peppers.

It is available in both regular and Detroit-style deep dish versions. The regular Ultimate Supreme pizza costs $15.99 and has 2510 calories, while the Detroit-style deep dish version is priced at $16.99 and contains 3050 calories. 

Additionally, a slice of the Little Caesars Ultimate Supreme pizza contains 310 calories, with 13g of fat, 33g of carbs, 2g of fiber, and 15g of protein.


PepperoniThinly sliced cured pork sausage seasoned with spices
Italian SausageSpicy pork sausage seasoned with Italian herbs and spices
Green PeppersFresh green bell peppers, diced or sliced
MushroomsSliced mushrooms, typically button mushrooms
OnionsDiced or sliced yellow or white onions
Mozzarella CheeseShredded mozzarella cheese, melted over the toppings
Pizza DoughClassic pizza crust made from flour, water, yeast, and salt


NutrientAmount Per Serving (1 Slice)*
Total Fat13g
– Saturated Fat6g
Total Carbohydrates30g
– Dietary Fiber2g
– Sugars3g

Allergens & Sensitivities

Wheat/GlutenPizza dough
MilkMozzarella cheese
PorkPepperoni, Italian sausage
SoySome seasonings in sausage may contain soy
SulfitesPreservatives in meats, especially pepperoni
OnionOnions (for those sensitive to onions)
Bell PeppersGreen bell peppers

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