Little Caesars Yuba City Menu With Price, Hours, Location

Little Caesars Yuba City

Are you searching for delicious pizza options in Yuba City? Look no further than Little Caesars Yuba City.

In this article, I’ll discuss everything you need to know about Little Caesars Yuba City, From their menu offering to their convenient Location and Operating hours.

Keep reading to learn more about Little caesars yuba city.

Little Caesars Yuba City

Little Caesars Yuba City Menu With Prices

Featured Items Menu With Prices

ExtraMostBestest® Pepperoni$11.34
Italian Cheese Bread$7.16
ExtraMostBestest® Cheese$11.34
Crazy Combo® [Crazy Bread® & Crazy Sauce®]$5.37
Caesar Wings®$10.74
Custom Stuffed Crust$15.52
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni$14.33
Crazy Bread®$5.37

Meal Deal Menu With Prices

Crazy Combo® [Crazy Bread® & Crazy Sauce®]$5.37
NFL 4-Quarter Calzony Meal Deal$16.72

Extramostbestest® Round Pizzas Menu With Prices

Extramostbestest® Round Pizzas
ExtraMostBestest® Pepperoni$11.34
ExtraMostBestest® Cheese$11.34
5 Meat Feast™$17.91
Hula Hawaiian®$14.33
Ultimate Supreme$17.91
3 Meat Treat®$15.52

Round Pizzas Menu With Prices

Round Pizzas
Pretzel Crust – Pizza Sauce$10.74
Custom Round Pizza$10.74
Old World Fanceroni Pepperoni™$14.33
Pretzel Crust – Cheese Sauce$10.74
Slices-N-Stix Bacon$13.13
Cheese Pretzel Crust$10.74
Slices-N-Stix Jalapeno$13.13
4 Quarter Calzony$10.74

Deep!Deep!™ Dish Menu With Prices

Deep!Deep!™ Dish
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pepperoni$14.33
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Cheese$14.33
Detroit-Style Deep Dish Sausage$14.33
Custom Detroit-Style Deep Dish$14.33

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Thin Crust Pizzas Menu With Prices

Thin Crust Pizzas
Thin Crust Pepperoni$13.13
Thin Crust Cheese$13.13
Custom Thin Crust$13.13

Stuffed Crust Pizzas Menu With Prices

Custom Stuffed Crust$15.52
Stuffed Pretzel Crust – Pizza Sauce$15.52
Stuffed Pretzel Crust – Cheese Sauce$15.52

Caesar Dips¨ Menu With Prices

Caesar Dips¨
Caesar Dip®$0.90

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Sides Menu With Prices

Italian Cheese Bread$7.16
Crazy Sauce®$1.18
Caesar Wings®$10.74
Crazy Bread®$5.37
Cookie Dough Brownie made with M&M’S® MINIS Chocolate Candies$4.65
Cookie Dough Brownie made with TWIX® Cookie Bar Pieces$4.65

Drinks Menu With Prices

2-Liter Beverage$3.57
20 oz Beverage$2.38
PEPSI® Pineapple 16 oz$2.38

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Little Caesars Pizza Locations in Yuba City

AddressPhone Number
Little Caesars (1410-C Bridge St)
$ • 1410-C Bridge St, Yuba City, CA 95993
(530) 673-3330
Little Caesars (955 Garden Hwy)
$ • 955 Garden Hwy, Yuba City, CA 95991
(530) 673-2555
Little Caesars (906 B Street)
$ • 906 B Street, Marysville, CA 95901
(530) 743-9900
Little Caesars (5062 Powerline Rd #100)
$ • 5062 Powerline Rd #100, Olivehurst, CA 95961
(530) 749-1000

Little Caesars Yuba City Opening & Closing Hours

DaysOpen & Close Time
Sunday11:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Monday11:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Tuesday11:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Wednesday11:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Thursday11:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Friday11:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Saturday11:00 AM – 9:00 AM

Little Caesars Yuba City Contact Information

Address: 955 Garden Hwy, Yuba City, CA 95991

Phone number: +1 530-673-2555

Official Website:

Final Words

Little Caesars Yuba City is delightful place to satisfy your pizza cravings in Yuba City. With its convenient location, tasty menu options and friendly staff, it’s go to spot for quick and delicious meal.

Thank you for reading about Little Caesars Yuba City Menu Prices. I hope you found this details helpful. If you have any query or comment, Please feel free to leave them below.


What is Little Caesars Yuba City’s location?

Little Caesar Yuba City is located at 123 Main Street, Yuba City, CA 95991.

What are Little Caesars Yuba City’s hours of operation?

We are open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, seven days a week.

Can I order online from Little Caesars Yuba City?

Yes, you can place orders online through our website or mobile app for pickup or delivery.

Do you offer delivery services?

Yes, we offer delivery services within a certain radius. You can check if your address is within our delivery area on our website.

What types of pizza does Little Caesars Yuba City offer?

We offer a variety of pizzas, including pepperoni, cheese, sausage, and more. You can also customize your own pizza with your choice of toppings.

Is there a special menu for kids at Little Caesars Yuba City?

Yes, we have a kids’ menu that includes smaller portions of pizza and other kid-friendly options.

Are there any vegetarian or vegan options on the menu?

Yes, we offer vegetarian and vegan pizzas with plant-based toppings and dairy-free cheese. Please ask our staff for more information.

Do you have any gluten-free pizza options?

Unfortunately, we do not currently offer gluten-free pizza options.

Can I order catering or large quantities of pizza for events or parties?

Yes, we offer catering services for events and parties. Please contact us in advance to discuss your specific needs and place an order.

What payment methods are accepted at Little Caesar’s Yuba City?

We accept cash, credit cards, and debit cards for in-store and online orders. Please note that payment methods may vary for delivery orders.


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