Detroit-style Deep Dish Veggie

Detroit-style Deep Dish Veggie

Little Caesars offers a mouthwatering Detroit-style Deep Dish Veggie pizza that satisfies both pizza lovers and veggie enthusiasts alike.

This delectable creation starts with a thick, square-shaped crust, baked to perfection to achieve that signature crispy edge and chewy interior that Detroit-style pizza is renowned for.

On top of this hearty base, you’ll find a colorful array of fresh vegetables, meticulously selected and generously piled on.

Crisp green peppers, juicy tomatoes, savory onions, earthy mushrooms, and tangy black olives create a vibrant mosaic of flavors and textures that burst with every bite.


Thick crustSquare-shaped, crispy edges, chewy interior
Green peppersCrisp and flavorful
TomatoesJuicy and ripe
OnionsSavory and aromatic
MushroomsEarthy and tender
Black olivesTangy and briny
Mozzarella cheeseCreamy and melty


NutrientTypical Range
Calories350 – 1000+
Total Fat20g – 100g+
Saturated Fat10g – 50g+
Cholesterol50mg – 200mg+
Sodium800mg – 5,700mg+
Total Carbohydrates35g – 350g+
Dietary Fiber2g – 25g+
Sugars4g – 25g+
Protein15g – 125g+

Allergens & Sensitivities

Dough (Wheat Flour)Gluten, Wheat
Sauce (Tomatoes)Possible nightshade sensitivity
Mozzarella CheeseDairy
Parmesan CheeseDairy
Brick CheeseDairy
Common Veggie Options
Bell Peppers
MushroomsPossible mold sensitivity
Roasted Eggplant

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