Caesar Wings®

Caesar Wings®

Little Caesars offers Caesar Wings® in various flavors like Oven Roasted, BBQ, Buffalo, and Garlic Parmesan.

These wings are traditionally seasoned and oven-roasted, providing customers with a choice of flavors to enjoy.

The calorie count for these wings ranges from 510 to 660 calories depending on the flavor chosen. 

Customers can opt for different flavors like BBQ or Buffalo sauce to accompany these seasoned baked chicken wings, providing a variety of options to suit different preferences.


Chicken WingsFresh chicken wings
SeasoningA blend of herbs, spices, and seasonings
FlourAll-purpose flour for coating the wings
OilCooking oil for frying the wings
SauceOptional dipping sauce for serving with the wings


NutrientTraditionally SeasonedBBQ
Fat35 g35 g
Saturated Fat9 g9 g
Trans Fat0 g0 g
Cholesterol285 mg285 mg
Sodium1740 mg1740 mg
Total Carbohydrates3 g32 g
Dietary Fiber0 g0 g
Sugars0 g24 g
Protein47 g48 g

Allergens & Sensitivities

GlutenPresent in the flour used for coating the wings
DairyMay be present in the seasoning or dipping sauce
SoyMay be present in the seasoning or dipping sauce
EggPresent in the coating for the wings
WheatPresent in the flour used for coating the wings
MSGMay be present in the seasoning or dipping sauce

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